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Wearing a Cashawl™ IS an attitude! - Doris A. Guffey - Designer

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When I was good, my parents called me Punk a Doodle.

I had 4 older brothers and I was the baby and the only girl. My nickname was PUNK.   

Back in the 50's, Punk was not a positive name to be called. I hated it!

I was a tomboy and would fight my brothers for their clothes. I did a lot of fighting…..

When I was bad my parents called me something to go with my brown eyes and I couldn't put that on a business card!

For punishment they made me wear dresses. I hated that even more!

Deer hunting with a 22 when I was 12 years old, water skiing out at Bob Lo Island and shooting bow and arrows is what I did the most.

I don't remember doing many things that were feminine, except sewing. My mother started teaching me when I was about 8 years old.

In 7th grade, Home Economics was a required class and I had to stand in line to make an apron. By then I was already sewing some of my own clothes.

I never took another Home Ec class until the last half of my senior year. I sewed better than my teacher and was awarded an outstanding achievement award.

Most of my jobs as an adult have been in the sewing industry.

Hatch Back Covers - Boat Top Covers - Seats cushions for GM - Cushions in an  upholstery shop - Bindings for Corvette carpets - Commercial Sewing Machine Instructor - Made ladies clothing - Made linens for catering halls - Designed and manufactured  Custom Draperies

For every job I did, I would purchase another machine, many being commercial machines tooled specifically for a job. I now have 23 sewing machines. One day my husband said, “I found you a building get these things out of the house”. He collects socket sets and I collect...everything else.

I started to wear that “little black dress” just one more time. I looked in the mirror and thought no way! I can't wear this anymore look at my arms, look at my belly, hence, the birth of the “Cashawl”.

People say to me all the time that I am such a good salesperson. I am a high school graduate from the school of hard knocks! I LOVE what I do and I am so happy that I can help women of like kind feel GOOD about who they have become!!

I have been given a gift and it has evolved into what I present to you...

Enjoy the ATTITUDE!

Below is an Introduction to Punk a Doodle!


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